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I have a cousin. We both were born this day 30 years ago. He, his wife, son, and parents all came over to my parents house this weekend and we had a little party to celebrate. My aunt brought a picture of both of us from when we were about four months old, and we took another picture of both of us, 30 years later.

I had planned this elaborate blog post with both the pictures, comparing past and present, blah, blah, but I just didn't have time to scan the old picture, nor get a copy of the new one (still waiting on my cousin's wife to send me that). So what's the point?

So just imagine some heartfelt mumbo-jumbo here with me talking about the past and present, what it's like to officially be an old man, etc... . Or something. If/when I get those pictures, I'll post them, as they're fairly entertaining.

Anyway, today I'm 30, as is my cousin. Happy Birthday, Mike! I'm personally taking today and the next three days off. I don't really have any plans, other than to be lazy and not be at work. Maybe I'll catch up on my Nintendo DS games that I still haven't finished. Or maybe I'll find something else to do. I don't know. We'll just see how the weekend goes.

One perk about having a birthday is that all the various forums around the web send you automated "Happy Birthday" messages if you're registered there. I didn't know I was registered in many of these forums, and will probably just kill my registration at some of them.

I do know that I won't be checking email as frequently as I usually do, so if you're trying to get ahold of me, replies will be a bit slower than usual.

Posted by Jake on 05/21/08 @ 09:32 AM
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