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BendBroadband Makes Gizmodo With Their Bandwidth Caps

Quite the discussion has come about from BendBroadband's annoucement that they're going to start capping bandwidth on residential plans (no word on their plans for their business plans, which really should have been released concurrently). The entry has 59 comments (and counting), and the news has now hit the stupidly-popular Gizmodo: The Future Of Broadband: We're Totally Screwed.

Commenters there say that they've got it worse (I haven't had a chance to read through all the comments there), but really, you could say that with anything -- life is always worse somewhere.

BendBroadband is getting less-than-terrific press about this, and maybe that will cause them to change their mind -- or at least open it.

I say we all have a little informal contest: Who has the highest usage graph during a single billing period? How high has anybody gotten? (Update: Let's not try to kill BendBroadband here. I wasn't trying to encourage people to download as much as they possibly could just for the sake of downloading. Besides, it'd probably be hard to beat this guy.)

Thanks Mark for the tip.

Update on 4/10: That Gizmodo post is now on (at least) 14 other sites (and I just got word about this site as well.

Update again...: Now it's on the front page of Digg... . Feel free to digg my original article (there's a digg link right below the date/time stamp) so that folks can hear the local discussion about this and not just Gizmodo and Digg's take.

Here's a button that will digg the original post and the 60+ comments on this site:

Posted by Jake on 04/09/08 @ 10:50 PM
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