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"MySpace is the anti-Christ for children"

I couldn't agree more with the Dad in this story (though I think I'd even go as far as removing "for children") about the cheerleader who got the hell beaten out of her by some classmates over some text messages and MySpace trash-talking (full story here). These idiots even thought it was a brilliant idea to post their felony acts onto YouTube and MySpace (video can be seen here).

Why does this remind me so much of the infamous Summit High School girls, just with more physical violence? What is wrong with people these days that they seem to think this is OK? Where were these kids' parents growing up? I mean, the kids were sitting there in their holding cells and "one asked if she would be able to make it to cheerleading practice the next day, while several others joked that they wouldn't be making it back to the beach anytime soon." Personally, my concern wouldn't be cheerleading practice, it'd be how to stay the heck out of prison before you become somebody's girlfriend -- whether you want to be or not.

Posted by Jake on 04/08/08 @ 05:03 PM
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