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Another Broken TV (and an Expensive Vacation) Thanks To A Wii

I work for a company that rents vacation homes. More and more of these homes have big-screen TVs, and people are realizing that and bringing their Wii with them to play with during their vacation (only a couple of our homes actually have a Wii in the home already). There are already a couple sites dedicated to what those little controllers can do to household objects if you're not strapped in when you're flinging them around. We've already had one window destroyed in one of our homes thanks to an errant Wii controller (don't have pictures of that one), and now, the latest victim -- a three-day-old 48" LCD TV:


The folks renting the house knew they'd put a pretty substantial crack in the screen, and we knew that the next renters coming in (the same day of their departure -- 'tis Spring Break after all) had already been told about the new big-screen in the home and were looking forward to it. So we had to get a new TV out there. The guest agreed to just buy the new TV (which the local BestBuy had in stock) to put in the home. The renter took the broken one home to see if they could get it fixed themselves and at-least get an expensive LCD out of the whole thing.

We're thinking about investing in (or creating?) some of these, just to have at the office, for our expensive TV homes (and certainly for the homes that have a Wii already in them).

Posted by Jake on 03/31/08 @ 01:49 PM
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