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A Pregnant Man In Bend

Yes you read that right. There's a pregnant man here in Bend and his name is Thomas Beatie. And he's all over the frickin' news, and has made international headlines.

Since I know jack squat about transgendered people and sex changes, I'm not going to comment because I'll undoubtedly say something offensive and/or stupid without intending to do so. So there you go -- I report, you comment.

Thus far, nobody's been able to confirm if the story is a hoax or not, which I guess is my only concern. If anybody knows the guy, feel free to comment here. The story was originally reported in the Advocate by Thomas himself, lending a bit more to the conspiracy theory. But as long as the parents are loving and caring parents to the child, that's all that matters to me -- he'd still be a far better parent than so many deadbeat parents out there whose kids are raised by MTV, MySpace and a nanny.

Update at 7:35: Somebody suggested I check the local phone book and property tax records to see if these people exist. Since I'm sitting here staring a progress bars on a server here at the office (I'm here doing some server software upgrades and repartitioning), I decided to look. He's not listed in the phone bok, but there is a Thomas and Nancy Beatie that own a home here in south Bend and have owned it for about a year and had an address in southeast Bend, according to Deschutes County property records.

Posted by Jake on 03/25/08 @ 07:04 PM
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