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I Don't Remember Ryan Longwell Being Married To Queen's Front Man

NFL kicker Ryan Longwell is many things (including a former Bend High School standout). But when Wikipedia said that he is married to the late Freddie Mercury and had kids named Skeeter and Dermit, that was news to me (screen shot below as this will probably prompt somebody at Wikipedia to change the article):


It appears that the Freddie Mercury reference was added last month as it was different before. It was changed by somebody at the IP address, which is owned by an Earthlink branch in Neenah, Wisconsin. My guess: Since Longwell doesn't play for Green Bay Packers anymore, it was a crazy Cheesehead who made that edit (even though he was signed by the Minnesota Vikings a couple years ago and the edit only recently appeared).

Posted by Jake on 03/16/08 @ 02:29 PM
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