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(Yes, I know I'm bit slow, after the article's been mentioned dang near everywhere else already. I promise I'll go and read all your posts, boys and girls, after I get some sleep.)

That's not the first time that I've had that headline on this site, but this is the first time I've ever had my ugly mug on the front page of the paper (Julie makes Duncan and I look classier). I've now had my picture, name, and a quote on the front of every major section of the paper at point of my life (yes, even the sports section, when I was in high school). Naturally, I was out of town when the story broke, so I couldn't post something earlier (I really need to setup my blog so I can post to it from my Blackberry -- one of these days).

Any who, welcome to anybody who's here because of that article (feel free to comment below and say "Hi."). I think it was a pretty well-done article and covered the wide variety of bloggers in the area fairly well (hotlinks in the online version to the various blogs mentioned would help a bunch). It was better than the last article the Bulletin wrote about local bloggers which not only wasn't even put online (which was silly) it only talked about three bloggers -- Jon, Chris, and I. Nice job, Peter, as while I like Jon and Chris, I think all three of can agree that there is far more to blogging in this area outside of the three of us.

A few references from the article:

  • That whole Baltazar mess that was mentioned was chronicled pretty well by bloggers here (my post got inadvertantly deleted from the BendBlogs.com database during a rebuild of my RSS feed, so here was my take on it).
  • "Sally Heatherton" wrote the blog Marvelous Bend which can be found here (since the URL wasn't mentioned).
  • If you want to know anything about Trader Joes, if anybody will know about it, Jon will.
  • Shannon's right -- you don't need to be a "techie" (though I prefer "geek", thankyouverymuch) like me to start a blog. Go here or here or even here to check out some free and easy-to-use commercial services to start up your own blog. And then pop me a note when you do and I'll get it listed over at Bend Blogs.
  • And if anybody's wondering, my shirt says "No I will not fix your computer." It was a gift from a cool co-worker and I have to think I look dang handsome in it (my co-worker will laugh when she reads this). You can buy one yourself here

It's been a long day as we drove back from the coast today (the aviation museum was closed today for some wine and cheese festival, so we went to Lincoln City), so I'm buggered. Thanks for visiting and feel free to come back anytime (and feel free to join the NCAA Pick 'em).

Posted by Jake on 03/08/08 @ 11:10 PM
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