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Out Of Town, Traffic In Portland Sucks, and "The Art Office"

I'm actually posting this from a hotel room in Newberg right now. We decided to get out of town and take a quick overnighter and visit my wife's sister over here at George Fox. We went out to dinner and wandering aimlessly around Washington Square where I had to visit the Apple Store and fondle some of the over-priced toys. I was actually looking for a case for my Nano, but couldn't bring myself to pay $25-30 for one that I can get online for half.

I've also realized that traffic on some stretches of road around Portland (especially along the 217) between 5-6PM on a Friday really sucks. I-5 was at a dead stop (thankfully we weren't on it, just going over it), as was 217 for a few miles before getting up to speed as we passed the 99W exit. But while traffic around here sucks, at least we were moving, albiet slowly. In Bend, it'd still take me just as long to go just as far.

The plan for tomorrow is to go see the Spruce Goose down the road before heading out of town.

It was a nice (and much needed) break from reality for a bit, even if I am driving nearly four hours two days in a row and have to go back to work on Sunday.

One thing my wife's sis pointed out to me was some pretty funny "The Office" parodies some folks in her art department put together a while back, entitled "The Art Office". The video series is in three parts here, here, and here and they' re quite entertaining. Enjoy, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Posted by Jake on 03/07/08 @ 08:41 PM
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