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The kids have been sick off and on all week, as have members of my family, and it looks like it's finally starting to get me. After not having slept most of the last few days (getting up and giving the kids medicine and listening to my wife cough and hack all night haven't helped), I'm going home from the office early today to crash.

Regular(ish) blogging when I'm functional again (probably after my cough medicine kicks in).

Update on 2/26: Head still hurts, still plugged up with snot and coughing -- as is everybody else in the house. I've been going to work, but taking early days. I'm just hoping I'll be better before my band concerts this weekend as playing in a band when you have a head cold is no fun at all (thankfully I'm a percussionist and not a wind player as it could be a lot worse).

Posted by Jake on 02/24/08 @ 12:49 PM
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