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Bend Blogger Meetup Followup

Amazingly enough, the local blogger meetup was a huge success. I honestly didn't know what to expect, and when I got there (late, like I said), I was floored by the sheer amount of people there. I was expecting a few, not the 30 or so that were there.

It just shows how much the blogging community in this area has really grown, and how being a blogger isn't as crazy as it once was. "Blog" was a word that I could never use as people wouldn't understand what the heck I was saying. Not any more.

Shannon's posted a quick follow-up as well as a group picture on flickr (along with some other shots including a flattering shot of me and the not chubby mommy). I've added notes on the people I recognized that I know wouldn't mind. That, and on my high-res, low size screen, it's hard to recognize some of the faces. Anybody else, feel free to tag your name on that image.

Like Jen, I was happy to meet BORis and Sally (I apparently already knew BORis, just didn't know that that person was responsible for that site). All in all, an entertaining time, the little bit I was there. Heck, I won a prize for having the best name tag (I won by default with my Sharpie and Duct Tape creation), so that was worth the trip right there.

Posted by Jake on 02/21/08 @ 11:07 PM
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