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I'm Tired Of Tax Time, But Thankfully Mine Are Now Done

If you're wondering why I've sort of disappeared off the face of the Earth the last week or so (posting links sporadically at best), I've been dealing with my favorite time of the year: Tax Time. And since I'm apparently the only one that knows anything about this sort of thing in my extended family (or at least I pretend to), I do the taxes for my in-laws as well. While I do it all in TurboTax, it's still a time-consuming, mind-numbing process.

It's always easy to do my brother-in-law's taxes as he has one job, doesn't make a ton of money, and is eligible for the free filing programs with the IRS so I don't have to pay filing fees for him. My mom and dad-in-law's taxes got a lot more complicated this year with their youngest daughter going off to college this year. They had loan paper work, she had scholarship paperwork, I didn't get her 1098-T form until after filing, and needed to amend (as there was a $300 difference in the refund as the numbers on her statement didn't match up with her 1098-T). All told, it took a bunch of time to make sure I was getting the numbers right so that we maximized their refund (it certainly helps that she's going to a really expensive school and he finally got his W4 adjusted last year so he wasn't claiming four kids living at home). But we had to try to get theirs done as soon as we could so that they could get their FAFSA sent off.

Then this weekend I finally got around to starting mine. This year I was making more money doing side-jobs for people, and got three more 1099-MISCs than last year, and also had a bunch of work that had to be claimed but didn't get a 1099 form. Being the good boy I was, I claimed every last frickin' dime of it (even making sure that TurboTax handled my Oregon "kicker" properly), but you better dang well believe I also itemized and deducted as much as humanely possible so that the Feds couldn't bend me over the table. All told, after hours of work, I'm getting a small refund from the Feds and owe the State a bit of money -- so basically I broke even. I wish I could write off my time I spent doing this crap, not just the fees I paid for the software.

I'm just happy as heck to have it overwith at least another 11 months or so. And then we get to do it all again. Yipee...

Now I'm going to go catch up on some Dead Like Me episodes that I've gotten from Netflix but just haven't had a chance to watch.

Posted by Jake on 02/17/08 @ 09:54 PM
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