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Why Do The Cool Folks Always Come To The Office On My Days Off?

One perk about working for a vacation rental company that has a good selection of higher-end homes is that you have a tendency to attract higher-end clientèle. The interest folks never seem to visit while I'm at the office however, like a couple of pro athletes that made an appearance recently.

Like a couple weekends ago, former Olympic skier Picabo Street paid a visit to Mavericks (sorry about the cheap plug, but how else are you going to know what the facility is?). She's apparently doing some work with Resort Sports Network, and they were doing a feature on Central Oregon and skiing in the area. Or something. Really, I have no idea since, again, I wasn't frickin' here. I do know that she looks she's still all muscle and in great shape. They got here to ride the Flowrider at Mavericks, and somebody managed to get a some pictures of her. Here are a couple:

Picabo Street 014.jpg  Picabo Street 038.jpg
Yeah, she could still kick your butt.

Speaking of people that could kick your butt, this last weekend MMA stud Randy Couture stayed in one of our homes. He was staying as a guest of the owner of this particular house, so nobody really knew he was coming until he came in to pay for the reservation. Again, I wasn't frickin' here. The front desk managed to get a couple pictures with our crappy camera (our good digital camera was in use) so these are out of focus and blurry -- I sharpened them in Photoshop the best I could. The one of the left is our carpet cleaning guy (and big MMA/UFC fan) doing the ready to rumble pose with Randy and the one on the left is Randy with our front desk manager:

Randy-Couture-Visit-in-Janu2.jpg  Randy-Couture-Visit-in-Janu.jpg

And, sadly, it was my day off, so I couldn't at least get some better pictures. I don't know a thing about MMA or UFC, but apparently the guy's fairly popular. Carpet guy raved for a while about meeting the guy, so he's obviously got some fans.

Posted by Jake on 01/28/08 @ 11:37 PM
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