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BendBlogs.com RSS/Atom Feed Is Messed Up

Just an FYI to anybody who cares: For some reason, the RSS/Atom feed for Bend Blogs is totally hosed. The feed has always had 200 items (which is about three days worth of blogging around Central Oregon). The problem is that for some reason it's only getting 200 entries, sorted alphabetically -- which means it's only getting up to about the letter "K" or so. Long story short, it's messed up, and I'll work on it when I get some more free time. But it certainly explains why my site never got listed on the RSS feed.

Update: OK, I've sort of narrowed down what it's doing. It's taking the first 100 blogs (alphabetically) over there, and push the latest two entries from each of those blogs, regardless of how old they are. I have an open thread on the Gregarius forums, so hopefully that will get some responses.

Update on 1/27 at 10:40PM: Finally found the problem. It ended up being a misconfiguration in Gregarius. The feed works, but I'm working on tweaking it, and will be also be hooking it up through FeedBurner so that it's a permanent URL, should I ever change back-end systems on bendblogs.com. I'll post the new feed URL tomorrow, and will see if I can get all of the bendblogs.com feed URLs through FeedBurner. More tomorrow after I get some sleep as my daughter was ill last night and I'm tired.

Posted by Jake on 01/24/08 @ 02:59 PM
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