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I Need A Better Furnace

In case you haven't heard from every other local blogger, it's frickin' cold outside, dipping down below 0°F last night and will easily do it again tonight.

Here's the problem with the cold in the Ortman household: We use our woodstove for heat during the winter, because it just provides much better heat for our house. Our electric furnace only pumps lukewarm air into one room of the house (there are no vents in any other rooms), so it's fairly pointless to even bother to turn it on. So we use our wood stove to heat the house.

The problem is that with wood heat that you have to have wood, and you have to chop said wood. This isn't usually an issue when the temperature's in the 35-50° range as I can easily keep the house warm with not a ton of wood. I can usually chop a bunch of wood and have it last a few days. However, when it doesn't get above 10° for a couple days, I can't keep up with the amount of wood needed as we have to constantly have the fire burning hot, and I have to get up in the middle of the night to put wood on it. Chopping wood in 5° weather isn't any fun, either.

I'm thinking it's time to start saving for a new furnace and duct work, as I quit chopping wood a couple hours ago and I'm just now able to feel my hands again (and yes, I was wearing gloves and about 15 layers of clothing).

Posted by Jake on 01/22/08 @ 10:44 PM
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