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New Year Clearing Out Random Link Dump

To ring in the New Year and to start anew, here are the links that I've just had sitting here for a long while in various places around my hard drive. These are totally random, some fun, some interesting, some funny, some just downright scary, but should keep you entertained for a bit.

(And before I post all these, I wanted to wish everybody a happy and safe new year. Welcome ot 2008, everybody, and feel free to share your resolutions below.)

Links below and videos after the jump.

Videos after the jump.

The Human LCD:

Twins Develop Wedgie-Proof Undies:

Dude: The Only Word You'll Ever Need:

I Need Some Of These in My Cave-like Office:

Yet Another Reason To Not Smoke Cigarettes:

There's a reason that real rock band members are millionaires and the folks that play the Rock Band video game are not (with proper video this time):

And here's a screenshot I had on my hard drive from a while back. Read the caption for the photo:


Posted by Jake on 12/31/07 @ 11:02 PM
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