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Rebuilding A Server Closet, Need Some Parts

I'm trying to find some good used parts locally for a long-term project I'm doing here at the office, and I'm looking to shop locally to save myself some shipping costs, if at all possible. But long story short, I'm looking to turn our mess of desks and servers at the office into a nicely rack-mounted server area. That involved moving some hardware into rack-mountable cases, expanding my KVM, buying rack-mount kits for some of my servers, and obviously buying a rack. So read on for my shopping list that I've budgeted for, and if anybody here can help me out, comment here or contact me at utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • First off, I obviously need a rack to hold all these things. While it'd be nice if it had doors, power strips, shelves, and all that stuff, I'm open to options that don't require me to spend $300-400 to freight ship them here. It needs to be a full four-post rack (42-44U) and have adjustable rear legs. This will be in a visible area, so something that doesn't look like crap would be nice.
  • A 4U rack-mountable ATX case for my credit card processing server. It has to be that large because of the additional hardware (modems and receipt printers) that I actually hide inside the case to make it cleaner. The stuff has to be plugged in, but it doesn't have to be visible, We don't use the receipt printer, but it has to be plugged in to process cards (it's an old, stupid system, but it works).
  • I also need a 3U-4U case for my firewall, mostly because it's an old Slot1 PII400 Smoothwall, and those are kind of hard to cram into anything smaller. If somebody has an old server that takes up less space that they're wanting to get rid of that's a PII400 or better that I can throw a couple NICs into, I'd be open to that as well.
  • I'll need a few KVM cables. We have an old Aten Masterview Pro with proprietary $25 cables. If anybody has an 8-port or better KVM that they want to get rid of that can be rack-mounted and doesn't use proprietary cables, I'd love to hear about it.
  • For even more space savings, I'd like to have one of those 1-2U slide-out LCD keyboard/trackpad consoles. If it has a built-in KVM, great, but that's not required as I have one above (though it would save rack space).
  • Sliding rails for the above cases would be peachy.
  • And for this to work, I obviously need to convert my upright Compaq Proliant servers into Rack-mounts. There are conversion kits that occasionally appear on eBay, but they're priced like they're brand new. I have Pentium III 500 Proliant 800 and 1600 servers whose conversion kit is Compaq part number 333574-001, and ML370 (G1) Proliant whose part number for conversion kit and bezel kit are 163490-001 and 163489-001. If anybody has a rack-mounted model of any of these that they have for parts, or any of the parts for a conversion kit, let me know.
If anybody has any of this stuff sitting around that they want to dump off, contact me.
Posted by Jake on 12/13/07 @ 01:33 PM
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