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If you're wondering why I didn't post anything yesterday, read on...

So yesterday, I was staying late at the office in Sunriver to do our annual availability rebuilds for our clunky reservation software, and I was also installing some patches to our bookkeeping software. The night went fairly smoothly, minus a little snafu with one of the accounting databases that I'll fix on Wednesday.

Since I was working in our server closet all evening, I hadn't looked outside. When I went out to my car at 9PM that evening, it was covered with about and inch and a half of snow and still snowing hard. There had been no plowing or gravel done to the highway into Bend or any of the roads around Sunriver, so it was a mess.

Then, as I was driving home, I noticed the temperature on my car was way too high, and it started to overheat. Terrific. So I pop the hood, and there's no fluid in the radiator reservoir. Awesome. So I basically had to drive (with the heater on full blast) until it heated up, stop the car, wait for it to cool, and then drive some more, stop, wait, drive, stop, wait. It was loads of fun, and needless to say, I didn't get home until really late last night. Once I got into Bend, I stopped by Wal-Mart to get some radiator fluid and the car ran fine after that -- hopefully the thing's not totally destroyed, as we can't afford a car repair at this point (and this thing has 208,000 miles on it now, so hopefully it'll last me quite a bit longer).

Posted by Jake on 11/27/07 @ 02:05 PM
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