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Been basically working non-stop the last 48 hours, having server trouble that I don't have enough time(or budget) in my day to fully fix, keeping up on Bend blog submissions and doing little projects for friends, so I just haven't had a chance to catch my breath. But after getting to work at 7:30 this morning to reboot and reconfigure a troublesome machine, I finally am getting a break.

Today is my wedding anniversary. Eight years ago today, my wife and I were married at a fairly simple (but nice) ceremony at the Mt. Bachelor Village Conference center. We got married there as the building was new and we were able to use it for free if we got married on the 30th (my father-in-law knows the folks up there). We didn't really want to get married the day before Halloween (my favorite holiday) certainly couldn't pass that up, so we went for it.

Eight years, three jobs (Oregon Daily Emerald to ispi/Digital Partners to Sunray), two moves (Eugene while I was in college back to Bend and in Bend from an apartment to our house), and two kids later, my wife and I are as happy as ever. Tonight, we're going out to dinner and spending a night away from the kids out here in Sunriver. I'm not mentioning which house I'm staying or where I'm going to dinner as my wife might be reading this and I want it to be a surprise (will update this post later).

So don't expect me to be online much tonight or tomorrow. I'll hopefully be busy ... uh ...doing something else.

Update on 11/1: Since I forgot to update this yesterday during all the Halloween chaos at my house, here's the update. We went and had a nice dinner at Greg's Grill. The executive chef's wife is a co-worker of mine and got us a good deal there. Great food, huge portions, and great atmosphere, so I'd highly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a nice dinner with a loved one (it's a bit expensive at $18-30/plate, but the portions make up for it). After dinner, we headed out to Sunriver for a night to stay at a nice house. It not only had my obvious requirements (king bed and hot tub) but had some other fun stuff as well like a big ol' plasma HDTV and a Nintendo Wii. We'd never played with one before, and my wife and I played Wii Sports for quite a while before soaking in the hot tub.

So that's the update. I'm catching up on my e-mail from the last few days, and will get some links posted as soon as I can.

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