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My Kids Are Spoiled Rotten

I briefly mentioned that my dad had won a raffle for a fancy new playhouse down at the Bend Fall Festival. Since my parents are trying to sell their house, they obviously didn't want to put it at their house, so they gave it to us. After moving all the firewood out of the way, the trailer was still too wide to get to our backyard, so we had to roll the thing on pipes. Having moved much larger objects on pipes (sheds and hot tubs, for example), it went pretty quick as I knew what I was doing. I had completely forgotten how impressive and cute this thing was -- and a little girl's dream come true. We got some bricks in place and shimmed the thing up to make it was all level, attached the deck, and my little girls couldn't have been more excited. Read on below and you'll see why:

IMG_2683_1.jpg IMG_2684_1.jpg IMG_2685_1.jpg
This is a little girl's dream house. The details are just impeccable. The roofing material on it is better than what's on our house. It has a little mail slot, removable windows and planter boxes, really nice trim work, a little wallpaper border, vinyl flooring, a built-in bench and table inside, and lots of other great little details. The thing is solid wood, weather tight (as you can see in the third picture, which was the next day after it snowed), and built like a tank, too.

The house was built by John Leyes here in Bend. He hand builds and sells these houses here at his workshop over on the SE part of town. He donates one of these to get raffled off at several local fairs and festivals. And he's just a flat-out nice guy, and my little girls, who are sometimes a bit shy, were so thankful to him for this that they excitedly ran out to the front of the house to thank him while he was loading his truck back up. And he just laughed, told them that they were very welcome, and to quit thanking him and to get back there and enjoy it.

So if you're looking to spoil your little girls rotten, this is a perfect way to do it -- though these things cost a pretty penny (as he said he usually sells the one that we won for $1000-1500).

Posted by Jake on 10/21/07 @ 12:04 PM
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