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Bend Woman Makes WSJ Front Page Trying To Dry Her Clothes

Susan Taylor lives on Awbrey Butte here in Bend, and was trying to do something nice for the environment by drying clothes on a clothesline. The problem is, she lives in a sub-division where her elitist neighbors are worried about their property values dropping because of said clothesline. It's to the point now where Brooks Resources, one of the nations largest private landholders and the folks who manage the homeowners group up there, is threatening legal action against her.

The full, entertaining story, with reactions from neighbors (who are probably from out of town originally) and Brooks Resources management (who I have very little respect for for a variety of reasons unrelated to this story), on the Wall Street Journal is available here.

Full disclosure: I know Ms. Taylor, have known her for many, many years (since I was a kid as she works with my mom), and built a computer for her a couple years ago. She just contacted me to ask for help sorting through all the email and crap she's getting because of this story (apparently the BBC has contacted her). Just the same, she lived up in that area of Awbrey Butte LONG before many people did. Her and her husband built their house up there, and they had no neighbors at all for years, and when she called me this morning, I literally laughed out loud. I think this whole thing is hilarious and just epitomizes the kind of craphole Bend is slowly turning into.

Amazingly, I'm sure there are other developments in Bend that have similar rules, and sadly, Sunriver has even worse stupid rules.

Update: Jon has a great idea for a headline if this makes the newspaper: "Brooks Resources hates the environment." Good call, Jon.

Update on 9/22: Ms. Taylor has a new e-mail address just for this purpose if people want to email her about this, and she said I could post it here: hangingoutinbend {at} gmail {dot} com. She said that she thanks everybody who has supported her, and is glad to have mine (and other blogger's) support.

Update on 9/23: Just got an update from Ms. Taylor:

This whole thing is beyond me. I cannot believe all the support. Check out the Oregonian tomorrow, The Bulletin this week, ABC news local filmed me, a German TV station next month...wow. I have so much more hope, I had hit the wall prior to the Wall Street Journal covering this. The BBC did a live interview Sept. 18 and NPR aired Thurs.on Here and Now with Robin. Unreal.
We'll just have to see now if Brooks Resources caves (doubtful).

Update on 9/23 @ 4:10PM: According to The Source, Ms. Taylor took down her line. Haven't confirmed with her yet.

Update on 9/25: KTVZ has a story.

Update on 9/26: The Source gave Brooks Resources the boot.

Update on 9/29: Bulletin's story.

Posted by Jake on 09/20/07 @ 10:34 AM
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