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Some People Are Way To Into This Stupid Pirate Day

I had a power supply literally blow a gasket (actually, a capacitor) here at the office because the fan died in it. Since I'm in Sunriver, I had to drive to Bend to get a replacement, so I called my wife to see if she wanted to have lunch while I was in town. We went down to Pilot Butte Drive-In (where I don't go much any more since they close so damn early) for a burger, and as we were sitting there, this family of four walked in, dressed as pirates. The mom, the dad, and their two little boys (probably six and eight years old or so). They were even talking like pirates. I wonder why the kids weren't in school (assuming they aren't homeschooled), but I digress...

It wasn't until I was leaving that I realized today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Flickr is awash with pirates (including some booty), and the whole Web is enjoying this "holiday" that Dave Barry helped popularize.

But am I the only one that thinks the whole thing is just stupid and sees this as yet another excuse for people to do stupid and silly things (like St. Patty's day)? When I told folks at the office here what today was, they were basically saying the same thing: Does anybody really give a rip?

Posted by Jake on 09/19/07 @ 02:04 PM
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Redmond-ite said on 09/19/07 @ 02:07 PM:
ITLAPD was started by 2 guys in Albany, OR in 1995, but became popular when Dave Barry wrote about it. My kids are enjoying it and (unlike other fake holidays) I'm not expected to buy a gift or a card for the occasion, so I'm happy.

spencer said on 09/19/07 @ 02:59 PM:
I find it mildly amusing; far more so than Bend.

Dave Goodman said on 09/19/07 @ 10:42 PM:
I feel the same way about football. :)

Jon said on 09/19/07 @ 11:20 PM:
I don't get it, either. It's... yeah.

AJ said on 09/20/07 @ 05:07 AM:
Oh no, people are having fun in a completely harmless fashion! You're right, it's awful.

Burton said on 09/20/07 @ 10:02 AM:
Jake -

Bad news, my friend. You've achieved "grumpy old codger" status, at the relatively tender young age that you are. Methinks you should perhaps (and this is just a suggestion) RELAX a bit and enjoy the occasional silly holiday.


- Burton

Jake said on 09/20/07 @ 10:09 AM:
When you have kids, Burton, you'll be the grumpy pain in the a$$, too ;-)

yoleen said on 09/20/07 @ 10:25 AM:
one of the many reasons i never had kids. Arrggh, matey!

M1A1Vet said on 09/21/07 @ 06:09 AM:
Man, you have become "Utterly Boring". Sheesh, have some fun.

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