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The New York Times Comes To Their Senses

They've decided to shut down the paywall they had on many of the articles on their Web site. Why? They're starting to realize that they could be making more money with advertising dollars then they are with subscribers. To quote an email that was forwarded my direction by Barney: "People will pay for what they want. But it's looking more and more like advertisers will pay more to reach the right audience than the audience will pay to reach the right information." Indeed.

Now if some folks up on Chandler Drive could realize the revenue that could be made (and the goodwill and good karma points they'd get) if they opened up their paywall, then we could start link to some of their stories now and again. While I love KTVZ and The Source and their stories, The Bulletin has a much larger staff and sometimes can cover stories that the others folks can't do. The revenue that can be generated by having your stories indexed well in Google, Yahoo, etc... can be quite large, if you have a good ad sales team or Google Adsense-type ads placed right.

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Posted by Jake on 09/18/07 @ 10:25 PM
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