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It's been a while since I've done this, but here are the 30 most commented-on entries on this site. Much of it is either a) Idiot Bait, b) Crazy People looking for a place for chat or c) All of the above. Most of it is on older entries (this is a nearly five-year-old site, after all) that get picked up via google searches. Most of the time, the comments are far better (or scarier) than the entries themselves.

507 comments: Do Not Call List -- Red Hot, Big Loopholes
395 comments: Extreme Dodgeball
275 comments: Only a band geek will appreciate this
270 comments: Have a small penis?
268 comments: Do You Have Bright Green Poop?
256 comments: Panties Just For Men
252 comments: How to cancel an AOL account in 3 minutes
157 comments: We All Hate Work
146 comments: Are hyphenated Yahoo names that rare?
136 comments: Another Great Gmail Hack
126 comments: Yet another reason to hate PETA
117 comments: Help pay for a girl's boob job
113 comments: Kurt Kobain a better guitarist than Jeff Beck <em>and</em> Carlos Santana? Not bloody likely!
100 comments: That's One Killer Christmas Light Display
94 comments: Learn to throw cards like a ninja
91 comments: Smack the Penguin
90 comments: Michael Jackson has never had plastic surgery
88 comments: What comes after trillion?
83 comments: Dateline to focus on Michael Jackson's face
76 comments: Another Reason to Hate AOL
58 comments: A 2,200 Acre Mushroom in Eastern Oregon
56 comments: Man doubts his "World's Smartest Person" title
49 comments: A virtual drum kit
49 comments: DHTML Lemmings
49 comments: Sick and Politically Incorrect Jokes
47 comments: Funny Road Signs
44 comments: Anybody Actually Using Clearwire?
43 comments: Sciatic nerve pinches hurt like hell - Update: It's more than just a nerve
38 comments: LeBron James drives Hummer, Ohio has "some concerns"
38 comments: Recycle your Pepsi caps and iTunes codes
Posted by Jake on 09/10/07 @ 10:49 PM
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