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My New Toy

Long story short, a co-worker convinced management that he needed something fancy to keep himself organized. He then gave his two weeks notice after about two weeks of using it, so I've inherited his toy: A Blackberry 8703e. Since we'd already paid for the thing, and nobody else really knew what to do with it, I took over the account. I now look just like all the real estate agents in my office with their fancy phones (nearly none of who know how to use them).

Now I've never had a phone (or device, for that matter) that's this fancy. I've found some good sites for help and tips on this thing (as I haven't the slightest idea how to do anything with it, as we don't have the user manual). I do plan on installing an SSH client, and already have Google Maps installed, and will install Google Apps for mobile (as I use that for the two companies I work for). I'm going to go through the stuff here and see what they have

My one gripe so far? Upon quick glance, I can't seem to find a mobile blogging app that will work on the blackberry. Found several that work on the Windows Mobile platform, but nothing for Blackberry. I use MovableType, and while Blogger and Wordpress have built-in functionality for e-mail to post, I wasn't really wanting to do that as anything I post via that method will have the generic "Sent via US Cellular Blackberry" footer (unless there's a way to get rid of that).

Anybody have any useful hints, tips, tricks, good software suggestions, etc... for a geek like me, I'd love to hear it. I have an unlimited data plan, though it's on US Cellular's really slow data network (slower than dialup), so Google Maps is really neat looking, but boy does it take forever to load data. Mobile KTVZ is really handy, however (don't try looking at the Bulletin's site on these things -- looks horrible).

And of course, fun little games to kill the lunch hours are always good suggestions, too.

Posted by Jake on 09/08/07 @ 10:35 PM
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