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Microsoft Forces Shutdown Of Autopatcher

If you haven't used Autopatcher, you've really missed out on a great way to keep multiple computer up-to-date (especially if you're like me and work on brand-new computers on a regular basis that need patching). Like right now, I'm setting up a new Windows XP machine for the office, and was trying to get Autopatcher installed as my copy is a few months old. But I couldn't, as Microsoft has sent a cease-and-desist notice to the Autopatcher folks, so you'll no longer find downloads or updates to the pack on their site.

Truly a sad day, indeed. Google cache still has the download page, but many of the links don't work as they go to NeoWin's forums, where the project originally lived. You can find it here, and torrents here, but probably not for long.

I'm sure this is a ploy by Microsoft to convince people to start using their clunky services more or to try to move people in the corporate world to their Update Services systems. Thanks, Microsoft, but if I'm going to get an automated patch solution, I'll use Net-Chk Protect.

Posted by Jake on 08/29/07 @ 12:31 PM
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