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Akismet Hates Me

I don't know what it is, but Akismet, the popular comment and spam blocking service that's in use on tons of blogs, hates me. So far, my various simple comments on Greg's blog, Aaron's blog, and two of Jon's blogs have all been marking me as spam, causing my comments to get totally lost, never to be found, or get moderated to be found eventually. I run Akismet on this site as well, and it's been marking me as spam, too (though I've white-listed myself so my other spam filters automatically will override Akismet).

The authors of those sites have since been marking me as "Not Spam" in their respective systems (dasBlog, Wordpress, and Jon's homebrew system) to try to reverse that. I always use the same e-mail address (my first name [at] orty [dot] com) and URL (this site) when posting comments, but somehow I still get marked as spam.

I'll e-mail the Akismet folks, but I just wanted to post this here for folks whose blogs I might have commented on in recent weeks: check your junk/moderation area to make sure I'm not in there.

Posted by Jake on 08/28/07 @ 09:55 AM
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