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Need A Roommate?

A local is looking for a roommate, and she sounds like a dream (and I'm quoting it here in case it ever disappears from the interweb):

I'm looking to score a room for rent with people that are not going to bitch and complain that I drink cheap beer on Tuesdays (not much of a partier, but am an alcoholic-ish), leave coffee cups in the sink every morning and will wash the dishes when there are enough to make it worth getting my hands wet, kick my shoes off by the door and eat meat at least once a week. I smoke- outside. I graduated from the DARE program, abide by most state and federal laws (well, the one's I agree with anyway) and am certified in First Aid and CPR.
I'm 27 (today actually), am female, and I have a very stable, professional career that allows me the freedom to sit at my desk at post Craigslist ads. It's probably best if you're not one of those people that require a credit check, cause I won't pass- but I do pay my rent and utilities on time, and really- you shouldn't fucking care if I don't pay the rest of my bills- cause it nacho business anyway.
I don't mind animals unless they shit in my shoes. I don't want to live with kids...if I did I would have some. I say fuck a lot- and this shouldn't bother you. Sometimes when I go to the bar, I bring random strangers home- but make sure that they're drunk enough so they can't remember how to get back. Oh, I'd rather not live with girls. So if you're a girl- I probably won't be interested unless you're just really cool and can make me popular.
$$$: Do not expect me to pay a buttload for a dinky little room. Unless you plan of feeding me- be fair!
Anything else you'd like to know is just a question away- so shoot.
Thanks to that Baker city chick for the link.

Posted by Jake on 07/18/07 @ 05:31 PM
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