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Heading To P-Town

Don't know if I'll have time to blog at all the next few days. I'm heading to Portland for a much-needed mini-vacation. The grandparents are coming over and watching the kids, and the wife and I are heading to Portland to watch people bang on things. Yes, we're going to see Stomp, who my wife and I saw in Eugene when we lived there when we first got married. I couldn't afford the tickets then nor could I know, but after having as much fun as I did last time, I wasn't going to miss this. That, and I really needed to get out of town for a bit, even if it is just overnight (we're staying with some old college friends up there).

Everybody be good while I'm gone. I'll be bringing the laptop and might check in -- or I might not (I just know if I don't bring it, the office will call me and I'll need to remote in to the servers and won't be able to). Cell phone calls will be sent to voicemail, regardless.

On a totally random note, I'm glad to hear that The Source "loves" me (read the comments) and will hopefully quit putting my name in quotes, which I griped about before. Thanks Dave for getting on 'em about it.

Posted by Jake on 06/21/07 @ 05:12 PM
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