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Does Anybody Have Illustrator CS and a Meaty Computer?

Man, I cannot wait until I get my laptop back. Working on this old cludgy piece of junk is killing me when working with processor-intensive applications.

I'm developing some new exterior signage, and need to have a photo converted from bitmap to vector format while losing as little detail as possible. I've used Adobe Illustrator's Live Trace functionality with good success in the past. The laptop I had to send back for repairs (which I've since upgraded to 2gigs of RAM), could easily have processed the image, but the laptop I'm currently working on -- a P4 1.6ghz with 512 MB of shared RAM and a 4200 RPM hard drive -- just cannot cut it. I let the thing run for an hour and it didn't finish.

I tried using other available raster to vector software, but most of it was either expensive or the freeware stuff was built more for line drawings than photos. The one I managed to get to work was able to convert it to an SVG format (it wouldn't do an EPS, it said, because my graphic card wouldn't support it), but Illustrator puked trying to import and render it.

Does anybody have access to Illustrator or another good conversion program along with a meaty computer and can convert this to vector?

Update: Thanks Kevin for helping me out here and sending me some great files! Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Jake on 06/05/07 @ 01:16 PM
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