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Technology Hates Me

You know, I'm thinking I need to start finding something else to do with my life other than be a geek -- or at least make it so that I can survive and get everything done on any computer quickly and easily.

As I mentioned before, I'm working on my old laptop until my newer one is repaired. I had finally gotten the thing up and running and working fine, but then working last night, the AC adapter started fritzing out, and finally died. I noticed it was just a frayed wire, but attempts to repair it didn't help, as I think it shorted itself out before I could even work on it. And naturally, since it's a holiday weekend, getting a hold of anybody to overnight me a new one is going to be impossible until Tuesday.

Since I split my time between offices, I basically have to work on a laptop to have all my applications and data with me all the time. It'd be one thing if I were just doing geek stuff, as I could probably fit a good chunk of those apps on a USB key and work wherever I wanted. The problem is that I do a ton of design and marketing stuff as well for each of the companies I work for. The Adobe design programs aren't really portable, and the size of some of the files I work on would fill up the USB keys I have pretty quickly. A laptop just makes life far easier for me to get my work done quickly from anywhere. But when laptops die, I basically have to set myself up somewhere else.

I can fix everybody else's computers and Web sites, but all my stuff seems to all break at once and at the worst time.

In the meanwhile, I've done a bunch of cleaning of my computer closet here at the office, so I am at least getting something done, but I'm just not in the mood to resetup another desktop with all my apps and such. I think I just need to talk a week-long vacation out to the woods somewhere and leave my computer at home.

Posted by Jake on 05/28/07 @ 01:05 PM
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