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Finally Back Online

After being offline pretty much all of the last couple days, either because of illness or because I was tearing apart computers, I've finally got my old laptop set back up to where I can function again. I have my e-mail accounts and messages and RSS reader all installed and going back into Outlook (and over 2000 unread RSS posts -- yikes). I have Firefox back up to date. I ran Windows Update and downloaded and installed the 62 things it needed to install (this thing hasn't been turned on for a while). Updated Office XP to 2003, and all I have to do now is get my my CS2 suite reinstalled.

I have the hard drive from my newer laptop in an external enclosure so I can now ship my broken laptop back and get it repaired -- hopefully it'll get back here sooner rather than later.

Back to regular blogging soon, once I clear out all my frickin' e-mail from the last few days.

Posted by Jake on 05/23/07 @ 03:41 PM
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