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Ah The Joys Of Geekdom...

I'm sure every geek has had moments like this.

I went to one of our remote offices to move some equipment around as they were going to be doing some remodeling. Computer moved fine, but when I picked up the printer, I noticed something really wet on the bottom of it. It was blank ink -- the cartridge inside at sprung a leak. It was now all over my hands, and had sprayed black ink all over the desk and all inside the printer. I tried to open the printer cover, and it was stuck a bit, so I gave it a firm yank, and the thing flew open, throwing ink all over the place -- including on my face. Knowing that this stuff is a pain to wash off when it dries, I sprinted to the bathroom and scrubbed my face as hard as I could to get it all off. I did, but now my face is red from the scrubbing (better than black from the ink, however).

That printers going to the garbage, as there's no way it can be cleaned out easily. It's an old crappy HP Deskjet and was past it's prime anyway.

Now to get to all these RSS feeds I've been missing over the last few days...(and yes, the concerts went fine, I'm just really exhausted after three nights of concerts on a stupidly hot stage).

Posted by Jake on 05/15/07 @ 04:35 PM
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