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Need UK Cell Phone Help

My sister-in-law is going on month-long trip to Europe starting later next month. They are going to mostly be in Airdrie, Scotland, but might go to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, and St. Andrews and London. She'd like to have a cell phone over there -- just a simple, pre-paid phone that she can use in emergencies over there. Her current phone is a Tracfone Motorola v120c, so I doubt it can be used over there (I don't think it operates on the same frequencies, nor is the SIM card removable, as far as I know).

Since I've never left the US (other than a few trips to Mexico), I don't have the slightest idea how things work over there. I've heard of companies like Telestial that offer pre-paid international cell phones, but wanted to know if there are other options or if it'd be cheaper to just buy one when she gets over there.

I know I have some European readers here, folks, so time to come out of the woodwork and speak up.

Update: Updated with her current phone's model number.

Posted by Jake on 04/30/07 @ 10:53 AM
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