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Two More Arrested in Area Hit-And-Run-And-Burn-Up-The-Car

So a couple days ago a father-and-son were arrested with the son being charged for the brutal hit-and-run of Kimberly Ann Potter of Bend. Now two more were arrested in association with the mess:

Two Bend men, one returning from Klamath Falls, were arrested Thursday on arson charges, accused of helping to burn a car involved in a violent, deadly hit-and-run crash on Third Street earlier this week.

The arrests of Eric Allen Brown, 20, and Robert Jennings Battles, 19, on second-degree arson charges come more than two days after a car allegedly driven by Christopher Goodson, 22, of El Cajon, Calif., struck and killed Kimberly Ann Potter, 41, also of Bend, as she rode her bike up Third Street early Tuesday.

Brown is Goodson's stepbrother and lives at the Full Moon Drive apartment in northeast Bend where Goodson was found hiding Tuesday night, said police Capt. Jim Porter.

According to the bio/obit of Kim linked above, she frequently went out for bike rides at night if she couldn't sleep, and was probably just taking another one of those rides that night.

The comments on my last post about this have gotten interesting, with folks, for some odd reason, coming out in support of the alleged crooks (including an apparent comment from Christopher Goodson's girlfriend). The problem is there are obviously some real jerks that are browsing this site and harassing people who are posting critical comments about these guys. I've gotten private emails from folks who have commented there who have said they have gotten threatening email from folks. Classy, guys, really classy. Those e-mails are getting forwarded to local police departments, and if anybody sends me an e-mail threat, I'll be doing the same and helping the police find the people responsible. I did help the Bend Police arrest this morons, getting them IP addresses, videos, and helping out their IT department with conversion and such. I will have no problems with doing the same with anything that comes my way.

Feel free to comment on this story, on Kimberly, or anything, either below or over at Bend Forums.

But keep it civil and constructive, folks, because if law enforcement wants my help, they're going to get it.

Posted by Jake on 04/20/07 @ 11:13 PM
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