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California Father and Son Arrested In Fatal Bend Hit-and-Run

You can tell Bend is becoming a big city when you hear about made-for-Hollywood crimes like this:

A father and son visiting from Southern California have been arrested in the violent hit-and-run death of a Bend woman who was riding her bicycle on Third Street early Tuesday, along with the torching of the suspect car in the woods south of town, police said Wednesday.
Christopher George Goodson, 22, of El Cajon, Calif., was found allegedly hiding in a northeast Bend apartment late Tuesday night. He faces charges of second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, second-degree assault second-degree conspiracy to commit arson, reckless driving and reckless endangering, said Bend police Capt. Jim Porter.

George Harold Goodson, 51, of San Diego, who had reported the car stolen, was arrested and accused of hindering prosecution and first-degree attempted aggravated theft, Porter said.

Why somebody was riding their bike down Third Street at 2:30 AM is beyond me, but she's certainly not violating any laws by doing so unless she wasn't wearing any reflective clothing or lights or she was drunk, but I digress.

But basically (and all allegedly, of course) from what I'm reading, here's how I see this all went down: The son, driving daddy's Benz, drove like a maniac through town, clobbered this woman and apparently dismembered her according to the report on KFXO last night. Despite the heavy amount of damage to the car and obviously to the woman, the guy decides to get the hell out of there, tells daddy about the mess, daddy says dispose of the car. So they drive the car out southeast of town, set it on fire (completely torching it), daddy reports it stolen from the La Quinta Inn in South Bend parking lot, obviously lying to police officers. Luckily somebody tipped the police off, and they had a statement from somebody that was allegedly riding with the suspect, so they were able to trace it back to an apartment on Full Moon Ct. (just about a mile at most from my house), where they found the alleged driver, along with "a large quantity of cocaine, weight scales, a large quantity of cash and a loaded firearm." Drug-related charges haven't been filed yet.

Wow. Sounds like a movie script to me, but it was the reality.

And to throw some Flamebait out there, these people are tourists and/or transplants. From California.

Barney over at KTVZ sent me this picture that was provided by the Bend Police Department. It's what's left of the car:

Posted by Jake on 04/18/07 @ 01:48 PM
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