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Need Printer Recommendations -- Can anybody help?

Anybody know printer catalogs better than I? I need recommendations for a multi-function printer. My requirements:

  • Fax
  • Copy
  • Print
  • Networked (RJ45)
  • Sheet-feed (no single feed for copy/fax)
  • Job Accounting.
The job accounting is what typically drives the price up, but basically this office I'll be setting this up at will be shared by two companies (three employees from each) and I need to have job accounting so that the individual companies can be billed properly for print usage (per the boss folks of the companies that are hiring me to set this whole mess up).

Print volume will be (at most) 4000 pages/month. Color printing is not a requirement. Laser preferred over inkjet, as is the availability of cheaper consumables, but I'm open to options.

Unfortunately, this is something you easily find and expect on stupidly high-end lasers, but finding it on multi-function devices (especially when you have about a $600 budget) involves just digging through a bunch of documentation online -- which is no fun at all.

Anybody know of a mult-function device that has all of the above -- new or old -- so I can hunt it down for prices?

Posted by Jake on 04/16/07 @ 03:02 PM
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