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30+ People Confirmed Dead at VaTech

While many people are reading up on CNN about this tragedy, I prefer to get the local coverage from the campus newspaper and other local sources along with first hand reports (more here). The video that everybody's seeing on CNN that you can hear shots fired is posted here.

Jack Thompson is a total idiot, blaming this all on violent video games, less than 12 hours after the shooting. If you're going to be heartless and preach your own moronic agenda, at least wait until the dead have been identified, you heartless prick.

Update on 4/17: The killer has been IDed, these are the confirmed dead so far, dissecting Jack Thompson's lies, Dr. Phil agrees with Thompson (moron), Scientologists are trying to capitilize on this, the killer wrote some messed up stuff, and a slain professor saved the lives of many students. Unless something huge comes up, this will probably be the last update I make to this entry.

Posted by Jake on 04/16/07 @ 12:08 PM
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