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Florida Wins, and Scott's Mad Dribblerz Wins The '07 Pick 'Em

Sorry I'm a bit late on this -- was tearing apart a friend's laptop last night and didn't get online after the game. But Florida won the championship, which means that Scott's Mad Dribblerz is our 2007 Tourney Pick 'Em winner. Below is the final scoring talley:

  1. Scott's Mad Dribblerz: 158
  2. Rusty from Portland: 153
  3. goldenglove7624: 151
  4. bend no more: 146
  5. bojack: 141
  6. #1 bracket: 141
  7. casual picks: 134
  8. shots hot: 132
  9. GO GATORS!!: 131
  10. PLU_STATS_231_2: 130
  11. Coz's Bracket: 119
  12. monkeyinabox: 116
  13. whiteybarkley: 114
  14. Repeating Greatness: 114
  15. Reigning Dud: 107
  16. jaylee: 106
  17. MN Shivs: 99
  18. Bowser: 97
  19. jenB_goDucks!: 95
  20. Tasmanian Devils: 94
  21. Briar Patch Project: 86
  23. I can't think of a name: 83
  24. steph: 83
  25. Canadian Bacon: 79
  26. Jake's '07 Pick 'em: 79
  27. kandray's bracket: 75
  28. HEELSTAR: 70
  29. shlid: 48
  30. Bretigny: 42

Thanks to everybody who participated, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

If you have a hankering, I've posted an Excel spreadsheet of the day-by-day scoring here so you can see how your scores moved around (if anybody wants to turn that data into a pretty graph, by all means go ahead and I'll host and post it here -- my Excel-fu is not very strong with graphs, just with raw data).

Scott, if you'll post something in the Yahoo! group's message board or make your e-mail address public in the member area (so I know it's you and not somebody pretending to be you), I'll get in touch about your prizes, and give your e-mail to the folks who promised prizes to the winner (and anything you don't want, Rusty has already said he'd take).

Secondly, Rusty, the bitter second-place guy (joking, Rusty), asked about second and third place prizes. I honestly didn't think I'd get the turn out for this like we did, so next year I'll get on the ball with prizes and see what we can round up.

Thanks again to Lyle at Jake's Diner here in Bend for throwing in some grub into the pool, Paizono's Pizza in Baker City for throwing in a trucker hat, and Brad (last year's winner) for throwing in the basic will.

Posted by Jake on 04/03/07 @ 10:15 AM
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