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It All Comes Down To The Last Game

Last year, by this point in the tournament, we had thing wrapped up, and the last game was being played just for fun. However, this year, the last game will decide the winner. If Ohio State wins, "shots hot" will win. If Florida takes it, "Scott's Mad Dribblerz" will take it. So Monday night, this thing will be all wrapped up, and prizes will be going to the winner.

Here are the scores before Monday night's final game:

  • shots hot: 132
  • Scott's Mad Dribblerz: 126
  • Rusty from Portland: 121
  • Coz's Bracket: 119
  • goldenglove7624: 119
  • monkeyinabox: 116
  • Repeating Greatness: 114
  • bend no more: 114
  • whiteybarkley: 114
  • #1 bracket: 109
  • bojack: 109
  • Reigning Dud: 107
  • jaylee: 106
  • casual picks: 102
  • MN Shivs: 99
  • GO GATORS!!: 99
  • PLU_STATS_231_2: 98
  • Bowser: 97
  • jenB_goDucks!: 95
  • Tasmanian Devils: 94
  • Briar Patch Project: 86
  • steph: 83
  • I can't think of a name: 83
  • Canadian Bacon: 79
  • Jake's '07 Pick 'em: 79
  • kandray's bracket: 75
  • HEELSTAR: 70
  • shlid: 48
  • Bretigny: 42

After the game on Monday, I'll post the final scores, along with a graph showing the scoring progression (if Ohio State wins, I'll be moving up some spots), and will be contacting the winners and putting them in touch with the prize-providers (thanks again to everybody, including Paizano's Pizza, coming soon in Baker City, as well as Jake's Diner here in Bend, along with last year's winner Brad, for providing prizes).

Posted by Jake on 03/31/07 @ 11:40 PM
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