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A Quick Memo To The Source Weekly

You know, I really appreciate the plugs you guys gave me in the last two issues, but one thing annoys me: Your insistence on putting my name in quotation marks. My friends call me Jake. My co-workers call me Jake. My wife calls me sweetie, but knows my name is Jake. I'm not hiding behind a pseudonym on this blog. The left side of every page of this site say "UtterlyBoring.com is produced by Jake Ortman ... ". The whois record for UtterlyBoring.com shows Jake Ortman as the admin and technical contact for the domain with orty.com, my very much side business, listed as the registrant (and you can check with the state to see my name registered on that as well).

So if anybody is here from links in The Source and was wondering about the quotes, well there you go: Jake is my name, don't wear it out.


Posted by Jake on 03/23/07 @ 10:41 PM
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