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Tourney Pick 'em Day 1 Score Update

Since these will be erased after the tournament is over, I wanted to try to keep a daily running tab here so that we can remember these for posterity.

But here are the point totals for each bracket in the group so far. There were 16 games today and 16 possible points. And these can (and will) change as the tournament goes on as you get more points for your teams in the latter rounds. For example: last year, I was winning after the first two days, but ended up getting nearly last overall. So things will certainly get messed up:

  • PLU_STATS_231_2: 14
  • goldenglove7624: 14
  • jaylee: 14
  • HEELSTAR: 13
  • Rusty from Portland: 13
  • #1 bracket: 13
  • Scott's Mad Dribblerz: 13
  • jenB_goDucks!: 13
  • Canadian Bacon: 12
  • shots hot: 12
  • bend no more: 12
  • I can't think of a name: 12
  • bojack: 12
  • casual picks: 12
  • steph: 12
  • Reigning Dud: 12
  • shlid: 11
  • Briar Patch Project: 11
  • monkeyinabox: 11
  • Bowser: 11
  • Repeating Greatness: 11
  • whiteybarkley: 11
  • Jake's '07 Pick 'em: 11
  • kandray's bracket: 10
  • Bretigny: 10
  • Coz's Bracket: 10
  • MN Shivs: 10
  • GO GATORS!!: 10
  • Tasmanian Devils: 9
I removed the folks from the list who signed up for the group, but didn't complete a bracket in time (there were a few of those).

Posted by Jake on 03/15/07 @ 10:37 PM
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