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Follow-Up On "Sunriver Police Can't Do Anything" Story

I passed on a story a few days ago about how Sunriver police can't really do much of anything now. The story is now all over the blog world, with everybody getting a laugh out of it. Since, then, and after talking to some folks I work with, they have some concerns, too. For example, I work at a company that rents homes on a nightly basis to tourists. What if we need to evict somebody from a home because they're being disruptive (which has happened before)? Can the Sunriver PD help us? This was among several concerns that came up, but basically, my understanding was the decision was made because a cop here pulled over the wrong guy: a lawyer who knew the laws about law enforcement on private roads, and it came back to bite 'em.

If anybody's interested, the Sunriver Owners Association is having a town hall this weekend to discuss the issue. From the announcement:

"Law Enforcement in Sunriver"

Saturday, March 10, 9 a.m.
Pineland/Pathfinder Rooms
Sunriver Resort Lodge

Sunriver Owners Association invites you to attend this town hall for a presentation followed by a community conversation about the issues.

Audience participation is encouraged.

I'm not really in the mood to drive out to Sunriver at 9 AM on my day off (I drive out here every other day of the week), but if anybody does make it out here and wants to share what happened.

Posted by Jake on 03/08/07 @ 10:04 AM
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