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Send Your Support To A Local Legend

Vince Genna, a true Bend icon needs your support. Read on for the e-mail I received regarding his condition from a friend of his. I will not put who sent this to me as apparently there are family issues in the Genna family and I don't want my source to get harassed (as it seems some family members aren't very supportive of Vince), but Vince has approved the posting of this. Read On....

As many of you may have heard, Vince Genna suffered a heart attack last week. Contrary to some reports, he is not lost to us forever, at least not quite yet. However, his prognosis doesn't look well for the long term. Apparently, he has about 3 months. If he was in better health (or significantly younger) they would be able to put in a stint. But as things are, apparently the doctors are unable to proceed.

Vince has been homesick and hoping to return to Bend. It appears like that may not be a possibility. So I am emailing you all to ask you this. Please send Vince a card (note, balloons, flowers, chicken soup, season tickets to any ball game or a get-a-way car) to help cheer him up. He is a true icon of Bend; and has done so much for our community, for our lovely parks and for volunteerism. Speaking for my family, I hope that Vince will have this opportunity to see how much that we all love him, miss him and appreciate him. And with any luck, we'll get to bring him back to his own name-sake ball park to enjoy another season.

In the interim, he is staying at Garden Terrace in Federal Way. He is very unhappy about it. Apparently all other facilities were full. It is a hospital for dementia patients and having Googled it, I am more than a bit concerned. But before anyone becomes alarmed, Vince is still our Vince, and every bit as clever and hysterical as always. He hasn't lost any of his renowned facilities.

His son Chris has power of attorney, so there is very little to be done about Vince's current arrangements at this time. Vince's sister Marie is campaigning to have him come back to their home in the interim (where he has been staying these last several months). She lives about 16 miles from the facility where he is staying. Hopefully, she will persevere and succeed with this.

I am not sure how long he will be at the facility he is at currently, at the very least ten days as of today. So, likely the best bet would be to send any correspondence care of his sister so she is able to bring it to him. And if anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please, by all means share them.

Many thanks to you all in advance,

That address:
Vince Genna
6202 53rd St. Court W
University Place, WA 98467

Where he is currently:
Garden Terrace
491 S 338th St
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 661-2226 ask for the "Tea Garden"

Posted by Jake on 02/28/07 @ 03:53 PM
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