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Unicom Getting Bought Out By Eschelon Telecom

I know there are a few folks locally who read this site that use Unicom's services (either phone services or Internet service). We have a T1 with them at one of the offices I work at as well. And that service will soon be provided by Eschelon Telecom. Here's the press release from Eschelon, press release from Unicom, and Custom Service info from Unicom.

Now Unicom bought up OneEighty back in the day. OneEighty bought out HighSpeed Communications (aka the ol' EmpireNet) and also owned OregonTrail Internet. So Eschelon now owns all these former companies and domains, too.

My worry is thus: I've had less-than-stellar dealings with support at Unicom (the T1 was there before I got there), and they didn't integrate the clients they bought very well (we were former OneEighty and previously EmpireNet clients). When I call them, it always seems to take them a year and a day to bring up my account info, and when they finally do, they have to escalate my call because the person answering the phones can't help me with my usually complicated problem. They have a dedicated support line for their high-capacity lines (T1 or larger), but this wasn't brought to my attention until after many calls to them. Generally speaking, I've had to work around Unicom versus working with them (their DNS servers were caching a domain name totally wrong for example, and it was easier for me to route the office's request to different DNS servers than to deal with them). My guess is this is only going to make things worse.

My question for the local community is thus: Who out there is locally-based and is provided business-class 'net access now? I know BendTel (who I use at the other Sunriver office I work at) and Bend Broadband (who I use at home) are still here and doing fine, but I think that most of the local companies that are around are local branches of larger national corporations (like Unicom) or sold out a long time ago (BendNet bought up by Rio Communications). I remember back when Dial-Up first came up here, everybody seemed to be selling it (mostly through reseller companies -- very few of them actually owned their own modem banks). But any more, it seems like everybody's who's offering DSL or Dial-Up is doing it through another company. Am I wrong on this?

To throw another thing into the mix, there are a few folks who provide Internet service via Wireless (Yellow Knife, Webformix, Clearwire, among others).

Am I missing somebody really obvious here? Anybody have any experiences/stories to share? Discuss...

Posted by Jake on 02/19/07 @ 03:07 PM
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