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NEED: Percussionists in Bend Who Can Read Sheet Music

As many of you know, I'm a percussionist (fancy word for a drummer who can read sheet music) and have played in the Cascade Winds and the Central Oregon Symphony for about 13 years. It's been a fun experience. In recent years with our new director, we've gotten some pieces in the band that have really featured the percussion or have at least had hard percussion parts. While we're never really at a need for percussionists in the symphony (the pieces in there don't feature us much), we always seem to be short in the band, and this term is no exception.

I've heard much of the term from various folks in the band that this person or that person is going to show up, but it's never materialized. So I'm making the open call here: If you're a percussionist in the area with some concert band experience, the we'd love to have you. We only have three rehearsals left until our concerts. Right now, we have three percussionists and could ideally use six as currently the three of us are trying to cover the parts for six or more players on a couple of our pieces. The music is tough, and if you can't read in anything other than common 4/4 time, you're in trouble here, but if you have some experience and want to play some great music, this is the place. That, and it'd be really nice if I wasn't trying to read off three parts and jumping around like a maniac (on one piece, I have the timpani, snare drum, suspended cymbal, triangle, and bass drum all wrapped around me -- I'm basically trying to cover three parts, and it's a royal pain in the butt).

Ideally, we'd love for you to stick around next term as well so if we do get enough people we can play the percussion ensemble I mentioned a long while ago.

If you have any questions at all, contact me via my contact form on the right column of the page or comment below.

Posted by Jake on 02/15/07 @ 05:30 PM
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