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Proving that MySpace is a horribly organized, hard to deal with, generally stupid and hidious Web site, a book has been created to help you with MySpace, though I really think that "MySpace is For Dummies" would be a more appropriate title, and obviously I wasn't the only one that thought that.

Yes, I know the irony of bad-mouthing MySpace when I have a profile there, but as you can tell I don't spend any time there at all -- maybe 10 minutes a month, max. The only reason I have the profile setup is so I can actually track down my friends who do nothing but spend time on MySpace, and refuse to read messages to them unless they come through their MySpace inbox or their stupid MySpace instant messaging program (get a real IM handle, folks). They'll send me messages from their messaging system, and my reply is always "Look, if you really want to talk to me, e-mail me at insert my e-mail address as I can't stand this site. They refuse to start a blog or send e-mails to people and post their life history on MySpace instead and expect everybody to go there to read it. And then they make their profiles private, which makes it so I have to login every time as MySpace can't seem to hold onto a login cookie in Firefox for its life, and external RSS readers can't read it if they post something on their blog (they use the news postings area instead, which doesn't have RSS). Ugh...I wish that site wasn't so popular, as it's making idiots out of everybody. I just logged in there to see, just for giggles, if I had a message in there, and apparently I had 15 -- all with profiles who have magically disappeared. I felt my IQ drop 10 points just by logging in.</rant>

Posted by Jake on 01/28/07 @ 02:56 PM
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