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Maniac Drives Through Bend, Videotapes it, Posts It Online

I don't remember why or how I came across this site, but this video (embedded after the jump) shows a guy driving like a maniac in and around Bend (we're talking 90+ north of Bend on Highway 97). It was posted three days ago, so if he isn't a full-time resident, he was probably here for the holiday weekend and posted that when he got home (or it could be older, I have no idea -- but I'm sure there are clues in the video that date it appropriately).

The video's frickin' huge, and takes a bit to stream, but I did manage to get a copy downloaded so that if the embed goes bad, I'll see if I can host a local copy here (it's a 62 meg, 15 minute FLV file, so I'm holding that off as long as I can).

But tell me: How many scenes around the area can you identify? I know that parking garage, that stretch of highway north of Bend (as well as in front of the Mountain View Mall Cascade Village Shopping Center). I'm sure if you watch this close enough, you can probably get license plate numbers or some other incriminating information about these idiots, so have fun.

Posted by Jake on 01/18/07 @ 05:09 PM
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