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A couple days ago I posted about a group of Bigfoot searchers who were coming to Central Oregon next summer. Today, a story ran in the Bulletin (which you have to pay to read online and I forgot to read it in the print edition at work), and KTVZ now has the story on their Web site, and Barney was nice enough to give me a link and credited me with reporting it on Monday (I have no idea if the Bulletin mentions my site).

However, I forgot to properly thank the person who sent me that link originally, so Cheryl, thanks for that! She also sent it to Dave Barry (like she does with many things she sends me, as I always see his email included in what she sends me). He posted it on his blog before I did because he obviously has more free time on his hands than I or is getting paid to blog and write or something. (That being said, I've been known to send Dave stuff, too as I have a lot of respect for the guy.)

Just the same, welcome to all you KTVZ folks!

Or Not... (update 1/17/07 @ 10AM): The link was removed from the story. If I find out why, I'll post here.

Posted by Jake on 01/16/07 @ 08:05 PM
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