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The Winner In The High-Def DVD Wars Will Be Decided By The Porn Folks

Out of the two competiting high-definition DVD formats that are coming out, I personally like HD-DVD. Why? It doesn't have as much DRM-nastiness as the Sony product (or at least isn't in bed with movie studios), it's cheaper, and its encryption has already been broken meaning you can now make legal backup copies of your HD-DVDs. That, and I also don't like Sony, the biggest backer of the Blu-Ray format.

But I have a feeling that the porn industry is going to make the format decision for us. Like it or not, the adult film industry generally sets a lot of the trends out there when it comes to video formats. They were the first to stream video online, first major adopter of DVDs, and they're embracing the HD-DVD format. Biggest reason? Economics -- Blu-Ray costs more to produce. If I remember correctly, HD-DVD discs can be produced in existing DVD factories with minor retro-fitting, while Blu-Ray requires new machines and processes. I personally just hope a format is settled on soon so that customers don't have to try to understand all this mess.

Posted by Jake on 01/15/07 @ 05:10 PM
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