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I'm A Good Dad, But Not A Hair Stylist

My wife had to head out of town today for a funeral (she's on the pass right now where chains are required), so I took the day off work to watch over the kids. I'm a good dad, and can handle this without issue, but I am a man, and I'll be the first to admit: I suck at doing a little girl's hair.

I have no problem with every other motherly duty -- making lunches, getting the kids ready, picking out clothes, cleaning up the house, playing with our little one, running errands, etc... . But I'm downright horrible at getting a little girl's hair so it doesn't look horrible. Luckily my seven-year-old will hold still long enough for me to get it right, and her little pony tails came out fine (eventually). My three-year-old, on the other hand, was a bit more of a handful. Mommy's good at it. She can throw her down and get her hair styled, even braided, in a matter of seconds it seems. Me, I managed to get her hair out of her face by bribing her with watching Dora The Explorer where she would at least be in one place long enough for me to do it. I suck.

Ah the joys of parenthood ...

Posted by Jake on 01/10/07 @ 04:05 PM
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